Virtual Office Nottingham

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So what’s a Virtual Office and who needs one? Well it’s a real live business or work address without the office and you probably need one. Why? Because the alternative is to have no street address on your marketing in either print or online and we all know that says one thing to anyone looking at it, and they do look you up - especially, and unavoidably, Google.


Even without a street address Google persists hard in trying to find you, the old fashioned P O Box doesn’t cut it. Plus check the price. So your well thought through brand can go wrong (spectacularly so sometimes) when Google presents your business as based in a cute bungalow on a nice suburban street complete with street view. Ok but we thought you were an established and international marketing guru...

And it gets worse when a client, while checking their smart phone sat nav, decides to “drop by”; and oops you’re in pyjamas working in the garden shed today? Forgetting the odd irate client or tax man. Enough said.

Resolve this with a virtual office package at from £25 per month. Various options and add ons are available, typically we provide the following services:

  • Use of our address including as your Registered Address and basic mail in the start up package

  • With the next level mailbox option we can sign for your mail and small parcels and keep it until you collect

  • The next level option gives you access to a co-working desk or private working with a small meeting room

All the packages are plus VAT and subject to basic checks on you and simple one page terms and conditions. Go on, keep your pyjamas on but also keep Google happy.

Contact us today or phone us on 0115 933 8323 to discuss your @CQoffice requirement