Frequently Asked Questions

Co-working space at The Office

What is the main difference between a serviced office and a traditional rented office?

The main difference is flexibility, with a serviced office you are usually not tied in with a long term contract for office space nor broadband and phones. So as things change you too can change, whether that is taking on more space, or scaling down when times are less good.

A serviced office often provides a package including your room, access to meeting rooms and other facilities such as a reception, tea rooms and toilets, all costed on an inclusive basis. A traditional office requires you to provide all of these things for yourself, often then with more contract obligations attached.

Does this mean a price difference?

On the face of it serviced offices might appear to be more expensive, but once you have taken a traditional rental and added in the extra space for ancillary areas plus business rates, heating & lighting, plus running costs and hidden extras such as legal fees, service charges, insurance and dilapidation charges the actual differential can evaporate.

You need to do the numbers properly. Plus with most serviced office contracts you can move in within days, not weeks - and avoid the lawyers (and their fees) too!

Are access times restricted?

There may be restrictions, sometimes just because of health and safety considerations, but generally you get the keys and are self sufficient during all normal working hours and at weekends too if necessary. If you have more special circumstances then we can usually deal with that by agreement.

What are the likely basic costs of a room?

The room rates vary between the locations from £75 per month to upwards of £2000 per month and often plus VAT. Check with us for a detailed price. This fee typically covers the room, business rates, heating & lighting, tea, coffee and filtered water and use of meeting rooms.

Are there other services available or other charges?

There are optional services such as access to a photocopier or secretarial services but this can vary. Extras such as the hire of a 30-seater hall and other items are on a bespoke basis

The majority of our clients though have no extra charges billed other than their normal phones and broadband. For the latter, if you opt to use our providers, the monthly cost is typically between £10 and £35 per person but only if required of course.

Do the buildings have Disabled Access (ie DDA compliant)?

This varies from location to location; sometimes not because of the building age and, in some cases, listed status so major internal and external changes are not viable. We will try and help though in individual circumstances or if this is a definite requirement. We just need to know what help you might need in advance and we will tell you what is possible.

What does it require to get started?

Once we have agreed terms and a start date we or the owner will issue a licence or lease which gives a basic set of rules and guidelines and quotes all the figures. Typically we need the equivalent of one month's fee as a deposit and the first month's fee in advance.

You are then invoiced monthly and you pay prior to the start of each calendar month. We are used to dealing with small and start up businesses so usually do not require more indepth or formal legal input.

Can we change our mind?

Subject to your actual contract of course usually once your initial period is over you can serve one month's notice and be free to leave. If you want to change to a room in the same location we can normally organise that for you. Plus we can usually help with phones and broadband.

What rooms are currently available?

The situation can change from week to week so it is best to check this website or call us for an indication of availability. We never hunt down new clients or bug people who call us, though.

We believe that if something fits then people will call us, we are too busy to give anyone the hard sell after they make an enquiry!

Contact us today on 0115 933 8323 to discuss any other questions you might have.